She can’t be out here alone. It’s not safe.

On the night of 28th July 2019, Hong Kong saw one of its largest Anti-Extradition Law protests spreading from Sheung Wan. At the time, I was on the train before it suspended its service and stopped in Sheung Wan altogether. I had to find another means of transport to get home in an area where the protest was escalating.

I strode towards the escalator soon as I. Protestors in black immediately bombarded me from all directions. Some of them were handing out face masks to whoever crossed their path; some others were wandering around without an agenda. As I tried…

You’re doing the best you can.

Photo by Chungkuk Bae on Unsplash

Dear Best Friend,

Whatever happens to you is no fault of your own. You are doing enough. Stop beating yourself up over what you didn’t do or could have done — You did everything right.

I know you are questioning your kindness to people because they don’t seem to appreciate what you have done. You can’t help but let doubts cloud your perception of people and the world you thought you knew well.

You go the extra mile for people

You always show people how much you care about them through your actions and words. You only mean well and want nothing but the best for them.

Do this instead for love.

Photo by frank mckenna on Unsplash

Relationship and dating advice are at our fingertips these days. From how to make a good impression on a first date to tips on defining the relationship, there just seems to be a recipe for what we should do and how we should act in every particular circumstance. So that they can help us be on the right track of things and hopefully find something along the way — love. Granted, there is nothing wrong with wanting love. We all want to settle down someday. I guess we can all agree on that.

Relationships are hard work. Love is hard…

And what matters more, and less.

Photo by Lee Cartledge on Unsplash

One weekday afternoon, alone, I sat down at an empty booth in a Chinese restaurant. I pulled the menu out of the rack, and ordered a set lunch and a hot lemon tea, my go-to beverage. Waiting for my food to arrive, I looked around me. Most people had resorted to mindless scrolling on the phone while eating their food.

“Do you mind?” a voice interrupted me. A mid-aged, friendly-looking lady filled my sight.

“Go ahead,” I said. She sat down on the other side of the booth and ordered the same food that I did.

“Do you like some…

Millie Fung

I write to share experiences and make an impact. Hong Kong-based. Contact:

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